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Teeth Whitening vs. Veneers

In recent years, teeth whitening and porcelain veneers have become popular cosmetic dentistry options for patients looking to enhance their smiles without making drastic changes to their dentition. While both treatments strive to enhance the shade and look of the smile, the methods by which they do so vary. As a result, while certain patients may be ideal candidates for one treatment, they may not be right for the other.

At Boston’s Arch Street Dental, our goal is to help patients achieve their dream smile with treatments tailored to their unique dentition. When weighing your cosmetic dentistry choices, be sure to consider the following:

Veneer Smile Alterations

Veneers are ultra-thin porcelain shells that are attached to independent teeth. As the porcelain is opaque yet colored to match neighboring teeth, veneers offer greater coverage for teeth that are more severely damaged, whether as a result of deep intrinsic staining or tooth chipping. Ultimately, veneers offer longer lasting coverage than traditional teeth bleaching. However, for the most natural look, most patients opting for this treatment will need to have their teeth lightly buffed. This not only ensures a secure fit but also prevents the veneer from looking unnaturally bulky.

In addition to a different treatment process, treatment time is much different for veneers than for teeth whitening. Creating a custom veneers starts with taking an impression of your smile, which is then sent to our trusted local Boston dental lab for veneer fabrication. Once complete, patients return to have their tooth prepared and the veneer placed.

Topical Tooth Whitening

For patients looking for instant smile transformation, our Boston dentist offers Zoom! teeth bleaching. Whereas veneers require teeth to be altered, teeth whitening gel is applied directly to all teeth and activated using a specialized lamp. Within an hour appointment, most patients are able to enjoy noticeably whiter smiles.

While teeth whitening is popular for its rapid results, it is important to note that this treatments does not work for everyone. As this cosmetic treatment does not alter or cover teeth, patients with deep staining, misshapen or damaged teeth, as well as those with gaps between teeth may find veneers to be the better treatment options. Additionally, patients with severely yellowed teeth may need to undergo multiple treatments in order to reach their desired whiteness. Likewise, whitened smiles must be diligently cared for – individuals should take care to avoiding drinks or food that can stain teeth and often use at-home treatments to keep their smiles bright.

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